Parallel Lines

Farewell S.W.A.N Inc.

Greetings All:

It has been an absolute pleasure and honor to serve the southwest community during my tenure with SWAN Inc. October 2020 – June 2022.  The transformative work that we were able to accomplish gives the entire Team an enormous sense of pride…most importantly, to hear the joy that the changes have brought to the lives of the community we served has been very rewarding.  


The expansion of programming, increased funding, addition of Artwork and capital improvements over the last year have positioned the organization to better serve the community.  The Board of Directors has also welcomed new members poised to continue to advance the mission and vision of an organization poised to effect positive change in the community.


Please join me in congratulating Cassandra Small, the new interim Executive Director.  Cassandra has worked tirelessly to answer the call-in relation to constructing a foundationally strong back office for the Eviction Prevention Program.  Her stellar performance in that space, working after hours and going above and beyond for the Emergency Services Program at SWAN as well as supporting, Senior Nutrition Program, NYS Home Preservation Program and Youth Programming has been invaluable.  Cassandra has 10+ years management experience and has every desire to continue implementing new programming.  We anticipate great things and look forward to seeing the changes Cassandra plans to implement.


Thank you to all the partners and collaborators that contributed to the success of the last 18 months.  We cannot begin to thank you enough for believing in the mission and vision and demonstrating it with providing various resources. 


To our community, continue to require excellence in service provision and delivery!  Offer your expertise to ensure the organization will continue to be present for generations to come.  Continue to look up and move forward.


Continued Success to All!


Tiffany D Owens